Types of CUCKOO Water Purifiers:Which One Is The Best For You?

The essential key to a healthy life lies in 80 percent of our bodies — water, particularly clean, purified water. Have you ever wondered why water can taste different sometimes? The answer is pure and simple — filtration. A comprehensive and reliable water filtration system can do wonders for the quality of water in your life, and goes beyond enhancing the taste and odour of water; it can literally enhance your quality of life.

More often than not, we tend to take our access to safe drinking water for granted, blissfully ignorant of the harmful contaminants that may be lurking in them. One could argue that the effects of drinking contaminated water are not too serious. However, this reckless complacency will do more harm than good, and may even result in death. Fortunately, there are different types of water filters and water purifiers dedicated to protecting you from drinking dirty water. With compact, efficient, and environmentally-friendly water filters and purifiers catered to different needs and budgets, CUCKOO is here to offer these very things!On top of that, all of CUCKOO’s indoor water purifiers come with multiple temperature options, ranging from hot water, warm water, room temperature to cold water.

CUCKOO offers two types of water purifiers: 


You might be wondering,

“What is the difference between a water purifier and a water filter”?

The easiest distinction between the two is the extent of how much is removed from the water. While both are used to treat water, a water filter typically blocks contaminants that are physical and biological in nature and reduces the concentration of sediment in water using physical barriers, but would not be as effective as a water purifier when it comes to chemical pollutants and viruses. In the context of defense level, a water

purifier offers a higher level of defense compared to a water filter, but they are both equally essential in getting clean water

Now that you understand the difference, let’s get down to choosing the best type of water filter or water purifier for you!


If you are planning to get an indoor water purifier for drinking purposes, then a countertop water purifier would be the most appropriate for you! Countertop water filters are usually designed for homes and come in different tank sizes to suit your family’s needs. If you use hot and warm water more, check out our model with the largest hot water tank in town, CUCKOO Vivid. It comes with a filtration system, which removes harmful contaminants and retains minerals that are essential for our bodies. We understand that your little ones enjoy exploring the world around them, so we have made it safer for them as we have included a child lock safety feature to lower any risk of young kids being scalded by hot water, because CUCKOO does not just protect, we ultimately care.

If you’re looking for a water purifier that can adjust the water temperature at any time you want, then CUCKOO Icon is perfect for you! It comes with 13 water temperature adjustments and can clean itself up as it utilises the world’s first In & Out Electrolytic Sterilisation System. It doesn’t just stop there; CUCKOO Icon also offers features like voice navigation and energy eye sensor to save energy to help conserve the earth’s natural resources. 

Besides countertop water purifiers, we also offer tankless water purifiers that use direct heating and cooling technology. This means they can heat and cool water directly from the source without needing a water tank. They also have a slimmer design, which takes up less space. This small water filter is a good option for houses with smaller kitchens or for those who prefer to keep the design minimalistic. Furthermore, tankless water purifiers have continuous flow of water without any waiting time needed. We recommend CUCKOO Prince Top which have similar features to CUCKOO Icon!

Besides that, CUCKOO also offers standing water purifiers with larger water tanks that are suitable for bigger households and offices, such as the CUCKOO Queen Stand! It is an excellent choice to consider as it delivers in both quantity and quality. It is Malaysia’s largest stainless steel water purifier tank that possesses a 6-stage filtration system, ensuring you’re drinking water that adheres to the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO). 


Water plays such a crucial role in our lives because we do not just use it for drinking, but we also use water for other activities like cooking, doing laundry, maintaining personal hygiene, and gardening. With an outdoor water filter, it will help filter out dust particles and contaminants thoroughly and entirely so that water willbe well filtered before entering your home. Hence, you can considerCUCKOO’s pillar of strength, CUCKOO PRIME X3! This big water purifier is a byproduct of the first research and development initiative between CUCKOO Korea and CUCKOO Malaysia. 

Having cleaner, purified water will overall enhance the health of you and your family. When purchasing a water purifier or filter, choose one according to your water consumption, design preferences and the size of your household